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Spacia Parquet

Parquet is a sophisticated and elegant design that has stood the test of time, and Amtico's Spacia Parquet collection features 12 beautiful Woods across a variety of tones in two classic sizes. This versatile yet enduring pattern works equally well in classic and modern settings.

Spacia Parquet brings effortless elegance to any room.

As with all Amtico Spacia LVT, Spacia Parquet brings effortless elegance to a room. And this new collection provides another way to achieve the popular Parquet look that has been used extensively throughout history to add decoration and design interest to a home.

Possibilities with Parquet

With classic appeal, Parquet complements many interior schemes – both traditional and modern – and is an elegant choice throughout the home. With this new collection, you can add sophistication to a spacious living area, introduce a touch of classic charm to a cosy bedroom scheme, or bring an element of pattern into a sleek and contemporary kitchen. Parquet is also perfect for hallways: its angled repeating pattern flows away from the entrance and draws you in.

Authentic surface textures

Amtico’s in-house designers have carefully selected 12 Spacia Woods that ensure choice across palette and finish, including surface finish options in both Tick and Barnwood. Where a Tick finish subtly mimics the softly treated finish of natural wood, with all-over texture adding realism and smooth direction across each plank, a Barnwood finish is more rustic, enhancing each design’s colour and pattern with a distressed and aged effect.

Spacia Parquet in Noble Oak, 4" x 18 (Large) 

Spacia Parquet in Noble Oak, 4" x 18 (Large)

Spacia Parquet Highlights

Noble Oak, which has a Tick finish, brings traditional style to a space through its rich golden colour. Whereas new Coastal Pine, with its sun-marked greys and soft browns, and Blackened Spa Wood, in a deep cocoa black colour for a modern touch, have a more rustic Barnwood finish.

Amtico Spacia LVT is known for simplicity, practicality and durability – backed up by a 25-year peace-of-mind warranty. And now this new Parquet collection extends Spacia’s versatility, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of effortless style and ease of maintenance in a popular Parquet effect that will have enduring appeal. 

You can read more about our new Parquet products in our brochure featuring all the new products. Alternatively, order some new Spacia samples and see exactly how they will work in your home.

Royal Oak in Parquet, 3” x 9” (Small)

Royal Oak in Parquet, 3” x 9” (Small)

Amtico Spacia - Parquet

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