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Basket Weave

Proportionally balanced Basket Weave is a fine example of Amtico’s precision cutting capabilities, with a decorative layering effect that makes it a design classic.

For unique visions, and beautifully bespoke spaces.

Using the pattern wireframes, experiment with colour and texture combinations from our Signature collection to create your own unique flooring design.

Be inspired by Basket Weave

An exclusive selection of individually crafted designs and ready-to-use combinations from our Designers' Choice collection. Ordered with a simple DC code, these combinations have been put together by our in-house design team and are guaranteed to create an impact in any space.

Basket Weave DC544, DC544}
DC544Designers' Choice

Basket Weave DC544

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Basket Weave DC545, DC545}
DC545Designers' Choice

Basket Weave DC545

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Basket Weave DC546, DC546}
DC546Designers' Choice

Basket Weave DC546

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Basket Weave DC101, DC101}
DC101Designers' Choice

Basket Weave DC101

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Basket Weave DC331, DC331}
DC331Designers' Choice

Basket Weave DC331

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