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Cleaning & Maintenance FAQs

We don’t recommend using steam cleaners on Amtico products, as the intense heat may damage the tiles or cause adhesives to fail. We also advise against vacuuming your Amtico floor – particularly with a heavy upright vaccum – because it’s easy for grit to get trapped under the base and risk scratching the surface.

We recommend dust mopping the entire area and then using a dustpan and brush, handheld vacuum or hose to tidy any debris away. Please download our Wear and Care guide for top tips on cleaning your Amtico floor.

Our Amtico Starter Kit is a great way to try different cleaning products however we don't offer smaller samples. You can buy the kit and other Amtico floorcare products from all Amtico retailers.

It’s possible to replace damaged LVT, but you might not need to! Light scuffs and abrasion marks can usually be removed with Spillage Remover and an Amtico cleaning pad. To keep your floor looking its best, Amtico needs to be stripped periodically to restore the finish by removing marks and scuffs in the wear layer. Our Wear and Care guide provides detailed information on caring for your floor.

If the damage can’t be resolved using the techniques above, then it’s often possible to repair or replace an individual tile. Just to note, any repairs should be conducted by an Amtico endorsed or fully trained floor fitter, to ensure your warranty isn’t affected.

If you need to make a warranty claim for damage due to wear out* from everyday footfall, please contact

*Wear out refers to the removal of the pattern and colour from an Amtico floor, caused by the removal of the protective wear layer.

One of the great things about Amtico LVT is how easy it is to clean and maintain. We recommend sweeping frequently, mopping occasionally and carrying out a deeper clean annually. For best results, please use Amtico Maintenance products, which you can buy from an Amtico retailer. Please download our Wear & Care leaflet for all the top tips.

It is OK to use cleaning products containing bleach on Amtico flooring, as long as they are correctly diluted. We recommend one part bleach with at least ten parts of water. Please see our Wear & Care leaflet for all the top tips.

As with other vinyl/PVC floors, including LVT, some fading is to be expected in extreme sunlight conditions. We include a UV inhibitor in our manufacturing process, making Amtico LVT suitable for use in heavy sunlight areas, including conservatories (with the exception of our Click Smart collection). If slight fading does occur, this would happen over many years and shouldn’t detract from the floor’s appearance any more than other aspects of long-term use.

Amtico LVT is hard-wearing and resistant to marking, but as with any vinyl/PVC floor, it can scuff or get scratched if something sharp, such as grit, moves across the surface under pressure. Some of the best things you can use to minimise the risk of damaging your floor are Amtico Indoor Cotton Mats at doorways, and felt pads on furniture feet. Please take care if using hair dyes and shoe polish, as both could stain Amtico flooring. If you do spill something, it’s always best to wipe it off quickly. And avoid rubber-backed mats, too – they can permanently stain LVT.

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