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Frequently Asked Questions

From ordering to deliver, cleaning to warranty – if you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers.

What is LVT?


LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, Amtico LVT is made from multiple layers of high-quality materials including PVC, vinyl and resin, which is compounded with plasticisers and stabilisers.

We compress these materials under pressure and high temperatures to create a hard-wearing, durable floor that will look beautiful in your home for years to come.

What’s the difference between LVT and sheet vinyl?


LVT comes in a large range of plank and tile sizes, giving you complete freedom to select colours and shapes to suit your space. Sheet vinyl comes in a roll, and will normally need to be installed in one or two large pieces.

LVT also has a much thicker wear layer than sheet vinyl, making it far more durable and resistant to scuffs and scratches.

And if a more serious repair is needed, replacing a single LVT tile is far easier and cheaper than the replacement of a complete sheet vinyl floor.

What’s the difference between the collections?


There are four Amtico collections to choose from – Signature, Form, Spacia and Click Smart.

Amtico Signature is our premium, made-to-order collection of design-led products, with an exclusive selection of Designers’ Choice laying patterns. Signature offers a 1mm wear layer and carries a Lifetime warranty.

Form is a versatile and practical collection that comes in a variety of timeless and realistic wood and stone designs, perfect for modern family living. Form’s 0.7mm wear layer provides comfort underfoot and good durability, with added peace of mind from a 30-year warranty.

Amtico Spacia is a focused collection of flooring featuring versatile, trend-led colours and sizes which are quick to specify and install. It’s a simplified range which offers a 0.55mm wear layer and carries a 25-year warranty.

Click Smart is a stylish and versatile collection for busy family life, featuring a 0.55mm wear layer. Requiring no adhesive to install, Click Smart can be installed over an existing, even floor and is 100% waterproof – making it the perfect choice for busy communal spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Amtico Signature and Spacia are both designed and made in Britain.

What does the difference in wear layer across the collections mean?


The wear layer on the top of Amtico LVT protects against minor scuffs and scratches, whilst improving slip resistance. The thicker the wear layer, the more durable the finish.

Our Signature collection has an extra hard-wearing 1mm wear layer with a top, Quantum Guard Elite layer, a patented urethane treatment that provides the ultimate protection against everyday scuffs and stains.

Amtico Form has a 0.7mm wear layer, and our Spacia and Click Smart collections both feature a 0.55mm wear layer.

We’d also recommend using Amtico Dressing on your new floor to add an extra layer of protection against minor scuffs and scratches. Take a look at our Wear and Care guide for more detailed information on caring for your floor.

Is LVT suitable for my space?


Amtico LVT is a fantastic choice for all areas within your home, including your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. LVT tiles are water-resistant, making them perfect for use in busy, communal family spaces. Our LVT tiles can be used in wet rooms, but the flooring adhesive may soften if submerged for a period of time.

All of our collections will function brilliantly and look beautiful in bathrooms and kitchens, but we’d recommend Click Smart if you’re undecided. It’s easy to fit, click locking mechanism requires no adhesive, making installation on a subfloor or over an existing floor a breeze. The collection is also 100% waterproof and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, for extra peace of mind.

Is LVT suitable if I have pets?


All Amtico LVT collections feature a durable wear layer – helping to protect your floor against day-to-day family life, including the comings and goings of lively family pets!

For families with dogs, we’d suggest Amtico Signature – a collection featuring our thickest wear layer at 1mm with a top Quantum Guard Elite layer, a patented urethane treatment that provides extra durability and excellent protection against everyday wear and tear.

Regardless of what collection you choose, we’d recommend using Amtico Dressing on your new floor to add an extra layer of protection against minor scuffs and scratches. Take a look at our Wear and Care guide for more detailed information on caring for your floor.

Can LVT be used as an alternative to a tiled floor?


Absolutely! Our range of stone LVT designs look authentic and are durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for busy households.

Ceramic and stone flooring are naturally cold, and damaged tiles can look unsightly and be difficult to replace. LVT is warm underfoot, minor scuffs and scratches can often be buffed out with Amtico Maintenance products, and individual tiles can be replaced if damaged.

For elegant design options inspired by 19th century Victorian ceramic tiles, we’d recommend choosing Amtico Décor.

Please note Amtico LVT is not suitable for external or unheated locations.

Can LVT be used with underfloor heating?


Yes! All our collections are designed to work with underfloor heating which means they won’t warp or crack like some natural floors do.

Your underfloor heating system will need to be installed and commissioned to ensure that it is working with no leaks, prior to your Amtico flooring installation. The heating system will need to be switched off at least 48 hours before and after installation.

Please note, your underfloor heating temperature should not exceed 27˚c, as this may cause damage to the LVT. For more information, see our installation guidelines document.

Is Amtico flooring water resistant?


Amtico tiles are impervious to water, but there is the possibility of the adhesive softening if the floor is under water for any length of time.

Find out more about how to care for your Amtico floor

Can I use a steam cleaner on Amtico flooring?


We recommend avoiding the use of steam cleaners on Amtico products, as the intense heat may damage the tiles or cause adhesives to fail.

Find out more about how to care for your Amtico floor

How do I clean my Amtico floor?


Amtico LVT is very easy to clean, with little maintenance required. Simply sweep frequently, mop occasionally and conduct a deeper clean annually.

For extra peace of mind, you can even use cleaning products containing bleach on Amtico flooring, as long as they are correctly diluted. (We recommend one-part bleach with at least ten parts of water.) Find out more.

For best results, we’d always recommend using Amtico Maintenance products, as other products could lead to inferior results or leave harmful residues on your floor.

Can I get a sample of floor cleaner or maintainer?


We do not currently offer samples of our floorcare products but they are available to purchase from all Amtico retailers.

Find your nearest retailer.

Is LVT easy to replace if it gets damaged?


We understand accidents can happen, especially in busy family homes! Light scuff and abrasion marks can usually be removed by applying Spillage Remover and gently rubbing with the Amtico cleaning pad or other similar non-abrasive pads.

Amtico flooring is designed to be stripped periodically which will restore older LVT floors, removing any marks and scuffs which have appeared in the wear layer. Take a look at our Wear and Care guide for more detailed information on caring for your floor.

If you accidentally damage Amtico LVT and can’t fix the damage yourself, then an individual tile can often be repaired or replaced. Any repairs should be conducted by an Amtico endorsed or competent floor fitter, to avoid affecting your warranty.

Amtico LVT tiles will be repaired or replaced by Amtico if damage is due to wear out* from everyday footfall. If you need to make a warranty claim, please contact [email protected]

*Wear out refers to the removal of the pattern and colour from an Amtico floor, caused by the removal of the protective wear layer.

How do I work out how much LVT I’ll need for my space?


The amount of LVT you’ll need to order depends entirely on your project. Generally, we’d suggest ordering 10-20% extra when calculating for waste – this will ensure you’ve got ample stock to cover any strips, corners and angles that will require additional cuts.

Your nearest Amtico retailer will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation based on the requirements of your project.

We strongly recommend organising the purchase of your floor through your nearest retailer, as our warranty is only valid on floors purchased through our network of recognised retailers.

Can I get a large LVT sample?


Full size samples are available to order through your local retailer.

You can order up to six small samples free of charge (6x6" Stones and Abstracts / 4x6" Woods). Simply browse the products on the website and add your favourites to your basket.

Find your nearest retailer

Can I get a sample of your entrance matting?


Our recommended Amtico entrance matting can be viewed and purchased from your local Amtico retailer.             

Find your nearest retailer

Can samples be returned?


Samples ordered from our website can be returned to us using the pre-paid label included. Replacement labels can be downloaded here. Returned samples are recycled for use in new Amtico floors or other items like traffic cones.

What's involved when installing LVT in my home?


When you discuss your home project with your retailer, they’ll ask a series of questions about your current space – this will ensure you’re getting the best product for your lifestyle, and an accurate quotation.

Amtico LVT needs to be laid onto an even, dry and clean surface, so the condition of your subfloor will be taken into consideration by the fitter. Click Smart, however, can be laid straight on top of an existing, even floor – a quick and easy solution for rejuvenating your home!

Upon delivery, your flooring will need to be taken out of its packaging, separated and left to adjust to room temperate for at least 24 hours before installation.

We strongly recommend purchasing and organising installation of your floor through your nearest retailer, as Amtico warranty is only valid on floors purchased through our network of recognised retailers and installed by an Amtico endorsed or fully trained fitter.

Can I lay Amtico flooring myself?


We recommend your Amtico floor to be professionally installed by an Amtico Approved Retailer or other specialist floor installers.

Can I lay Amtico flooring on concrete?


Yes it can be laid directly over concrete, however the floor must be dry, hard, level and smooth. The floor should be free from any form of cracks. It will need to be prepared by a professional floor installer as any imperfections will show through to your Amtico floor.

Where can I buy Amtico flooring?


We’re delighted you’re considering purchasing an Amtico floor! Good choice. To place an order, please contact your nearest Amtico retailer who will be happy to discuss your project in more detail and provide you with an accurate quotation.

Where can I find an approved Amtico Fitter?


For fitting enquiries please contact your nearest Amtico retailer.

Find your nearest retailer.

Do Amtico have a showroom?


All of our retailers throughout the UK and Ireland have mini showrooms within their stores. Our Amtico One: Exclusive Retail Partners offer the widest choice of Amtico flooring, as well as a full design and room visualisation service, and selected full size samples.

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What is the Room Visualiser?


Our Room Visualiser tool allows you to experiment with our products and laying patterns in a range of different virtual rooms. Select a room, then browse through our products and experiment to see which colours and patterns will look best in your space.

Try our Room Visualiser

Do Amtico products come with warranties?


Yes – we’re so confident in our products that we offer some of the longest warranties in the industry.

Our Signature collection offers ultimate peace of mind with a Lifetime warranty, guaranteed to the purchaser of the floor. For added assurance, when you sell your home the warranty can be transferred to the next owners, with a limit of 35 years from installation.

Amtico Form comes with a 30-year warranty, Spacia 25 years and Click Smart with a 20-year warranty. Please don’t forget to register your warranty when you purchase your floor.

We strongly recommend purchasing your floor through your nearest Amtico retailer, as our warranty is only valid on floors purchased through our network of recognised retailers.

Lifestyle flooring (


Lifestyle flooring are not a customer of Amtico International and we do not supply Amtico products to this organisation. Amtico have received numerous complaints about their trading activities and we would like to bring this to your attention. Purchasing products from Lifestyle flooring is entirely at the risk of the consumer. Amtico are not able to advise on the quality of product or service provided by this company. As we do not supply products to this company, Amtico unfortunately will not support warranties or provide after sales support for products purchased. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Actions taken against Lifestyle Flooring and Luxury Flooring

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