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Making an impact,
just not on the environment

Our commitment to
sustainable business.

Amtico has always taken the initiative. We’ve built our name pioneering innovative manufacturing and design solutions for modern living. Sustainable business practice is an approach that underpins that. As industry leaders, it’s natural we would set the standard for product efficiency, waste reduction and material innovation.

Our commitments

These commitments show how every relationship, process and practice is driving our business to a low-impact future.

As a business, Amtico will:

  • Prioritise the elimination of pollution and the reduction of waste to maximise the use of recycling and reprocessing.
  • Through the design process minimise the environmental impact of all new materials and products.
  • Maximise products’ useful life, and work towards sustainable solutions for products at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Use the latest technology to make more effective use of energy, resources and recyclable materials.
  • Be transparent in respect of our energy, waste and recycling performance.
  • Maintain a focus on sustainable development among colleagues and partners.
  • Promote the health and well-being of the Amtico team through a safe, progressive working environment.


View and download the Environmental Statement

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